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Choosing a Fall Marathon

22 May

Per my self-promise a fall marathon is in my future. Now the question is…which one?

Baltimore Marathon v. Philadelphia Marathon






Pros for Baltimore:

  • Local Race
  • Have run in the festival last 2 years
  • Cool Medal & Swag
  • Awesome finish in the stadium

Pros for Philadelphia:

  • Cool City
  • Flat
  • Number of Runners (10k+)
  • Getaway Weekend with D

Obviously I’ve never run a marathon before. I’m a virgin. So I need guidance.

What’s the most important thing you look for when choosing a marathon?


Countdown is On

13 May

5 days until the St. Michael’s 5k.

I haven’t run a 5k in 8 months. I’m nervous. More than I was for the half marathons.

The runs over the last few weeks have been faster. It gives me a tiny bit of confidence. That little bit makes me nervous. I have an expectation. Expectations mean there is a chance for disappointment. My brain needs to stop over-thinking. Deep Breath. Woosah.

I’ve made a deal with myself. As if there isn’t enough self pressure. Pile it on. That’s what I say.

If I PR on Saturday, I sign up for the Baltimore Marathon when I get home.

That’s kind of like a reward right? Only runners would think of a grueling, painful, 4-5 hours of running, 26 miles as a reward.

What kind of rewards do you promise yourself to get through tough runs or races?

Marathon Training: Week 1 Recap

21 May

The week flew by! I had scheduled 4 runs for this week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (3,5,3,8 respectively). My first two runs were great. I got out of bed by 6:10 and on the road running by 6:15. The mornings are beautiful and Tuesday I got to enjoy running in the rain. One of my favorite things to do!

Wednesday and Thursday I was working a trade show in DC. The NAR Mid-Year Expo where we were launching our newest product. It was such an exciting time and everything went off perfectly. Unfortunately I missed my Thursday morning run. I think it was a combination of exhaustion and standing on my feet for 9 hours in 4 inch heels. Either way it didn’t happen. I was bummed.

Danny had to work Saturday which meant I had a choice. Move my run to Sunday or try and get David to run with me. I chose to move my run. Sunday came and I ended up toting David with me anyway. Damn…should have taken him on Saturday and then it would be done! Within half a mile David was bored and wanting to run with me rather than in the stroller. There was no way this was going to work out for me. I called Danny and told him to put on his running shoes. We were hitting the trail as a family. All in all I got in 7.35 miles. I would say we did half walking half running but more importantly we had a great time outside together.

I can’t complain – I got in 15ish miles this week. I’ll use my mulligan and start over this week. Same schedule and same miles. Hopefully it will go off without a hitch!

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