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Rain, Rain & More Rain

12 Oct

I don’t think I can take anymore rain. We needed it. I get it. The ground was dry. But come on! 4 days? Gloomy? Depressing? Blah…

A friend of mine said it made her feel cozy. Cozy? Yeah if you don’t have a 4 year old, errands to do, and a party to get ready for. I want to open the windows. Air this joint out.

On the bright side…the Baltimore Marathon is on this morning! This is the first time in years that I haven’t been in Baltimore running. I’m kind of happy. I love Baltimore but ready to experience other places and hopefully get to travel and make weekends out of running. If anyone has an suggestion for an awesome girls weekend with a half marathon involved…shoot it my way.

Anyway – I have to go clean and be pissed at the rain and gloom…

How does rain make you feel? 


Months of Updates

3 Aug

Hello Summer and no time to sit on my ass in front of the computer!!!

Some quick, not detailed life updates:

L got engaged!!! I’m maid matron of honor. Exciting.

We went on family VK with my brother and his family. Great Times.

My little boy turned 4!!! Little Sad.

We celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. Woot.

I’m playing soccer. I’m horrible.

Work is work. Blah.

Running is on the back burner. Bummer.

We are having a Blast. A smile on my face and that’s all that matters.

I Love Summer!

Weekend w/o Daddy

21 Apr

We had a weekend without Daddy. The first time in years he’s been gone overnight. 3 1/2 years to be exact.

David and I were busy. Like never sit down busy.

Friday was kickball. We lost…horribly. Played 2 people short. It is what it is. Embarrassing.  Then off to visit soon to be Mommy Lindsey. Home at 11 and in bed right away.

Saturday was t-ball, playing, nap and truck pull. Chick Fil A for dinner. Our favorite. Watched some cartoons when we got home. Bed at 11:30.

Today was cleaning, playing, laundry and shopping. David got some great summer clothes. Stuff that he doesn’t get to wear to school/daycare. Never fails. School always paints on days he wears a newish shirt. Damn school and learning.

He cleaned my windows today. Not bad for a 3 year old. A little streaky. I’m not going to redo them.

Daddy will be home soon. David has been counting down the time. He’s sleeping now, knowing that when he wakes up he should be here.

Time to cook dinner. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend like we did.

Fell Off the Wagon

20 Apr

I have a bad habit of micromanaging and running (literally and metaphorically) through all aspects of life. The last couple months I’ve tried really hard to slow down. Enjoy each day. Not try to analyze everything. Less Stress. Less Worry. More Smiles. 

I finished 2 half marathons in the last month. PR’d the one in March and helped a dear friend finish her 1st half marathon in April. Great memories in both of them. 

We bought my little boy his first lacrosse stick. He learned how to write his name and count to 30. 

My husband switched jobs. Got a promotion. Has lost some weight and is healthier.

We have all had a great couple of months. Without me planning, analyzing and stressing over each step, each move, each decision. 

I have a 5k in 4 weeks. I’m excited. I want to PR. I’m going to enjoy it.


Random Thoughts

27 Jan

Maryland makes me laugh. It snowed last week…


I know what you are thinking. Shit that’s a lot of snow…I know!!! School’s were closed…Seriously.

Did a little shopping this weekend. Happy to announce I didn’t really buy any more running stuff. Hi, I’m Margaret and I’m addicted to buying running clothes.



I’m loving my new boots. Even took a quick cat nap with them on yesterday. Matter of fact I’m trying to figure out how to wear them to work tomorrow. Not sure they will work with my dress slacks.

Jumping to running. I’m heading into Week 6 of training. Still feeling really good about a PR in a month but not so confident in hitting my true time goal.

I joined the gym today. Well, I’m dragging D along with me too. We’re I’m excited. I think it will really help me to start doing some strength training. Plus, running on the treadmill there will be a little less excruciating. Peer pressure gets me every time.

Until next time…

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