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Race: Annapolis 10 Mile Run

1 Sep

Soooo…. I signed up for this in the spring. I said I would run. I didn’t.

As the day approached I panicked. Why hadn’t I run? Dumb ass.

3 weeks out I headed to the trail. 6 miles boom….then nothing…2 weeks out I headed out. 4 miles. Take that….then nothing…1 week out. 7 miles. Yes! I might be able to finish. Maybe. 1 run a week had disaster written all over it.

Back track quick. I’ve been playing co-ed soccer on Tuesday nights. Nothing serious. Unless you are me. Then everything is serious. I got kicked. In the leg. Calf to be more specific. Twice. Huge hematoma bruise that was pretty painful.

Add that to my insecurities going into Sunday.

Alarm goes off at 5 am. Not a bad night sleep. Lucky that my neighbor had also signed up for this one. Or my ass was going back to bed. Actually – no finishers premium if you don’t finish got me going. Timex watch…say what!?!!


First couple miles were uneventful. “Rolling” hills were only a glimpse of things to come. Kept an easy pace. 10:05, 10:04.

Third mile. Brick road. Uneven. Someone should really have marked the…down goes my neighbor. The most graceful fall I have ever seen. I blink and she is back up and rolling. 10:03.

Mile 4 was okay. Mile five was the bridge. Big Bridge. I had been dreading it since the beginning. Up we go. As the leaders came back on over. Their mile 9. Damn I’m slow. 10:08, 10:14.

Mile 6, 7 & 8 were hilly. I thought the bridge was bad. I underestimated those rollers. Legs were on fire Mile 7. Gotta…Keep…Going…10:09, 10:15, 9:59.

Mile 9 that damn bridge again. Come to find out its steeper on this side. Head down, we are going to power through. Come on legs! 9:36

Last mile. I wanted to die. No warm fuzzy feeling that I was almost done. Just wanted to die. Really. 9:51

Finish Time: 1:41:17

I’m happy. I’m proud. I did what I needed to and I’m lucky I didn’t hurt myself. I’m ordering this picture.



Choosing the B&A Half Marathon

25 Nov

I’ve been going back and forth for a month now on what half marathon I would run in the spring. In the beginning I was certain that I would run the local B&A Half Marathon. As I started to look around and talk to people a couple other races popped up on my radar. The O.C. Half Marathon and the Shamrock Half Marathon. Each of these races had their perks and disadvantages.



The B&A Half is a great local race, less than 20 minutes from my house on a paved trail that I’ve run before. The O.C. Half is at the beach, flat, and has a great after party. Shamrock is a great excuse to get out of town with a couple friends and the crowd support is great. After going back and forth a number of times Lisa said she would rather run the B&A – I mean how often do we get to run a half this close to home. So, the decision was made (I promised to run her first half with her) and I’m happy with it! My family and friends can come out, it is a small race (500 half & 250 full) and I love the Annapolis Striders (how many times have I said that).

Next on the agenda is a goal.

Any suggestions for coming up with a time goal?

Race: Dog Days 8k

7 Aug

We may not have been the fastest today (or even close to it) but damnit…we had a good time!

We also made a pact…no more races in August. The Maryland humidity just isn’t any fun! It was hot and miserable and to be honest I didn’t have the will power to push through. So, we took it easy and lived to run another day 🙂

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