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Race: Annapolis 10 Mile Run

1 Sep

Soooo…. I signed up for this in the spring. I said I would run. I didn’t.

As the day approached I panicked. Why hadn’t I run? Dumb ass.

3 weeks out I headed to the trail. 6 miles boom….then nothing…2 weeks out I headed out. 4 miles. Take that….then nothing…1 week out. 7 miles. Yes! I might be able to finish. Maybe. 1 run a week had disaster written all over it.

Back track quick. I’ve been playing co-ed soccer on Tuesday nights. Nothing serious. Unless you are me. Then everything is serious. I got kicked. In the leg. Calf to be more specific. Twice. Huge hematoma bruise that was pretty painful.

Add that to my insecurities going into Sunday.

Alarm goes off at 5 am. Not a bad night sleep. Lucky that my neighbor had also signed up for this one. Or my ass was going back to bed. Actually – no finishers premium if you don’t finish got me going. Timex watch…say what!?!!


First couple miles were uneventful. “Rolling” hills were only a glimpse of things to come. Kept an easy pace. 10:05, 10:04.

Third mile. Brick road. Uneven. Someone should really have marked the…down goes my neighbor. The most graceful fall I have ever seen. I blink and she is back up and rolling. 10:03.

Mile 4 was okay. Mile five was the bridge. Big Bridge. I had been dreading it since the beginning. Up we go. As the leaders came back on over. Their mile 9. Damn I’m slow. 10:08, 10:14.

Mile 6, 7 & 8 were hilly. I thought the bridge was bad. I underestimated those rollers. Legs were on fire Mile 7. Gotta…Keep…Going…10:09, 10:15, 9:59.

Mile 9 that damn bridge again. Come to find out its steeper on this side. Head down, we are going to power through. Come on legs! 9:36

Last mile. I wanted to die. No warm fuzzy feeling that I was almost done. Just wanted to die. Really. 9:51

Finish Time: 1:41:17

I’m happy. I’m proud. I did what I needed to and I’m lucky I didn’t hurt myself. I’m ordering this picture.


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