Race: St. Michael’s 5k

20 May

I was overly nervous coming into the race. I knew I should PR. I knew that if I didn’t I would be upset. Hence the undue pressure. I need to get it into check.

5:30 wake up time. Not bad. Shower, Shave, Out the Door. Waved to the neighbors as they loaded up the family. It was C’s first half. Stopped for gas, talked to C for a minute. She was nervous. Turns out she did amazing (2:07 I think).  Hit a bit of traffic getting into town. Still on time though. 7 am and I was parked. Race didn’t start till 8:15. I relaxed in my car listening to music. It was pretty nice actually. Walked over to the start with 10 minutes to spare.

Mile 1 (8:04): Lining up was horrific. That was a lot of pressure. First half mile was bad. Legs felt like lead. Started feeling woozy and lightheaded. Realized I was going to pass out. Thoughts started flying through my head.
‘Wow, this is going to be embarrassing’ ‘Who passes out in a 5k’ ‘This is going to hurt my face’ ‘Why am I feeling like this’ ‘I hope someone picks me up’
Looked at the Garmin 6:35 mile…no wonder I feel like shit. Backed it way down to grab composure. Felt better pretty quickly. Spent the rest of the mile laughing at myself.
Mile 2 (8:24): Eh…pretty mentally bad this mile. Was running alone. Kept doing the math in my head. Didn’t think a PR was in the cards. Wondered if I should just back off. I told myself I’d be disappointed. One step. One step.
Mile 3+.1 (8:08 avg): I was tired but not exhausted. Kept my stride in step with a woman ahead of me for the first quarter mile. Head down. There was a little girl (9) in front of me who was tired…that may be an understatement. Her Dad jumped out and ran with her a bit – it was pretty cool. Pushed at the end – well pushed what was left.
Finish Time: 25:22

That is a HUGE PR for me. I mentioned before about my running goals for this race and my lack of publicly announcing them. Only 2 people knew. The time needed to start with 25. Could have been 25:59 for all I cared. Just start with 25. Never in a million years did I think I would PR by 48 seconds. Cloud Nine.

The post race festivities were pretty cool. I couldn’t stay long. D and I were headed to the Luke Bryan concert. But I did stick around for an hour and listen to the band, drink a beer and waited impatiently for the results. There was a chance I had placed in my age group. I was either 3rd or 4th. In or out. I had been trying to count the ladies during the race. Knew it would be close. Results came in and I was again in disbelief. 2nd place in my age group! and a Trophy! My first Trophy!

The PR and Trophy turned what would have been a so-so day into a great one. I’m happy, I’m proud of myself, and I took home some really valuable lessons. On to the next one!


Countdown is On

13 May

5 days until the St. Michael’s 5k.

I haven’t run a 5k in 8 months. I’m nervous. More than I was for the half marathons.

The runs over the last few weeks have been faster. It gives me a tiny bit of confidence. That little bit makes me nervous. I have an expectation. Expectations mean there is a chance for disappointment. My brain needs to stop over-thinking. Deep Breath. Woosah.

I’ve made a deal with myself. As if there isn’t enough self pressure. Pile it on. That’s what I say.

If I PR on Saturday, I sign up for the Baltimore Marathon when I get home.

That’s kind of like a reward right? Only runners would think of a grueling, painful, 4-5 hours of running, 26 miles as a reward.

What kind of rewards do you promise yourself to get through tough runs or races?

I Want Abs

3 May

I had what I thought was the perfect equation.

running + crunches = ABRB (Amazing Beach Ready Belly)

It didn’t happen.

More miles. More Crunches. Same Belly…hmm.

After I had Little D there were a few of us at work doing the P90X series. To put it simply, it was amazing. Yes, it was hard. Yes, I wanted to quit. The results and the feeling I had were amazing.

I searched and searched for Ab Ripper X (ab workout from the P90X Series). Junk Draw…TV Cabinet…End Tables… Couldn’t find it anywhere. BUT I did find 10-Minute Trainer. Cue singing choir.

So I’ve been doing this 10 minute ab workout for a month. Better results. Not where I want to be.

Help me out Internet!

What do you do to get the amazing abs? Food Suggestions? Exercise Suggestions? Bring it on!

Family Run Time

30 Apr

I’m enjoying the running time I’ve had recently.

Not stressing over a missed run or the pace.

My 5k is in a couple and a half weeks. I have a goal. Only two people know it. I haven’t decided whether I should put it out there or not. Maybe…Probably…

Have I mentioned I’m really decisive.


Running has really become an event in our house.  Every night Little D wants to know when we are running. He grabs the water bottles. He even sits patiently waiting for his turn.

David Running

Don’t worry. I’m right behind him. And yes he’s in PJ bottoms. Don’t judge 🙂

We finish up with our regular ab routine. That plank is still tough for him but he’ll get it soon enough.

Olympian in training right there. Along with pro soccer, pro football and pro lacrosse. Oh and star academic. He’s kind of a big deal.

I know all of us feel that way about our children. It tickles me that he takes an interest in what Mommy is doing. Love.

Is running family time in your home?

Pricey Running Clothes

26 Apr

I bought a new running “outfit” from Lululemon yesterday.

I love the styles. I hate the price.

It takes a lot for me to pull the trigger on a purchase there. I could go to the UA Factory Store a mile from my house and buy 5x as many pieces. But they wouldn’t be as cute. And as I’m running along you know everyone is thinking about how cute my shorts are. Right?   RIGHT!

I justified this purchase. Both the shorts (Speed Short) and the top (Cardio Kick Tank) were on sale. I use that term loosely when talking about Lulu. $44 for shorts cannot be classified as a sale. Just Saying.

Despite the cost I’m stoked for them to be here and try them out. I’m always the type to wear my new clothes immediately! They won’t be as cute in a week…duh.

How do you feel about forking over that kind of cash for running clothes? 

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