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What has running taught you?

8 Aug

Quote of the week to live by. One step at a time…


Marathon Training: Week 1 Recap

21 May

The week flew by! I had scheduled 4 runs for this week. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday (3,5,3,8 respectively). My first two runs were great. I got out of bed by 6:10 and on the road running by 6:15. The mornings are beautiful and Tuesday I got to enjoy running in the rain. One of my favorite things to do!

Wednesday and Thursday I was working a trade show in DC. The NAR Mid-Year Expo where we were launching our newest product. It was such an exciting time and everything went off perfectly. Unfortunately I missed my Thursday morning run. I think it was a combination of exhaustion and standing on my feet for 9 hours in 4 inch heels. Either way it didn’t happen. I was bummed.

Danny had to work Saturday which meant I had a choice. Move my run to Sunday or try and get David to run with me. I chose to move my run. Sunday came and I ended up toting David with me anyway. Damn…should have taken him on Saturday and then it would be done! Within half a mile David was bored and wanting to run with me rather than in the stroller. There was no way this was going to work out for me. I called Danny and told him to put on his running shoes. We were hitting the trail as a family. All in all I got in 7.35 miles. I would say we did half walking half running but more importantly we had a great time outside together.

I can’t complain – I got in 15ish miles this week. I’ll use my mulligan and start over this week. Same schedule and same miles. Hopefully it will go off without a hitch!

Running Shoes: How do I choose?

2 Mar

running shoesThe staple of a runners gear is their shoes. You can probably run without your favorite shirt or shorts but running without your running shoes is ludicrous. There are quite a few different brands of shoes out there and each brand has different lines. Lets start with the major brands; Adidas, Asics, Brooks, Mizuno, New Balance, Nike, Saucony and the list goes on and on. Then within each of those brands is a shoe type which includes Neutral, Stability, Stability Plus, Motion Control Plus, etc. So how in the world do you figure out what shoe is best for you when the choices are endless? Well, it is actually quite easy…you go to a specialty running store and have a pro tell you what to buy. Here is the best part, just because they recommend a certain shoe doesn’t mean you have to buy it there BUT most of the time they will let you try out the shoe on the spot. Who wouldn’t want to test drive a new pair of shoes prior to buying??

Another question for the vets!
What running shoe works for you and how did you find it?

Day 11 – 1.75 Miles

21 Aug

I went to Jess & Geo’s wedding last night and purposely didn’t drink too much so I could wake up and go running this morning. Dan had filled the tires up on the stroller and I was excited to get out with David and enjoy the morning…MISTAKE! First, the hills in that neighborhood are more than I had anticipated. Second, David was not having fun – he complained the entire time and wanted to either get out or go back to Papa’s house. Third, it was HOT! Today was supposed to be a 1.5 mile run and after just under a mile I gave up with David. Put him back in the house and ran another .8 by myself. So all in all I did 1 3/4 but I had to break it up. So much for running with David.

I have another 1.5 on Tuesday morning and at my house so I’m sure it will go much better than today.

I’m going to kill someone…

17 Jul

We had decided to do a flip cup championship last night and invite everyone over for a night of drinking and carrying on. We don’t get to do it very often so I was pretty excited. Started at around 7:30 and quickly supplanted our team as #1 (Alan, Lisa, Nick and myself):

 I’ll save you all the gory details but needless to say I’m cleaning my carpets this morning. Beige carpeting doesn’t really hide stains – just saying. While I’m steam cleaning my carpet my kid is running around peeing in all the other bedrooms.  I know I can’t get mad because he isn’t potty trained and I don’t think he knows but REALLY!!!!

So, I’m trying to get the house cleaned up again since my family is headed over in an hour to eat crabs and watch the USA win the World Cup and I could possibly kill someone if my day continues this way…

I’m done whining – Thank  you for listening 🙂

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