Family Run Time

30 Apr

I’m enjoying the running time I’ve had recently.

Not stressing over a missed run or the pace.

My 5k is in a couple and a half weeks. I have a goal. Only two people know it. I haven’t decided whether I should put it out there or not. Maybe…Probably…

Have I mentioned I’m really decisive.


Running has really become an event in our house.  Every night Little D wants to know when we are running. He grabs the water bottles. He even sits patiently waiting for his turn.

David Running

Don’t worry. I’m right behind him. And yes he’s in PJ bottoms. Don’t judge 🙂

We finish up with our regular ab routine. That plank is still tough for him but he’ll get it soon enough.

Olympian in training right there. Along with pro soccer, pro football and pro lacrosse. Oh and star academic. He’s kind of a big deal.

I know all of us feel that way about our children. It tickles me that he takes an interest in what Mommy is doing. Love.

Is running family time in your home?


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