Pricey Running Clothes

26 Apr

I bought a new running “outfit” from Lululemon yesterday.

I love the styles. I hate the price.

It takes a lot for me to pull the trigger on a purchase there. I could go to the UA Factory Store a mile from my house and buy 5x as many pieces. But they wouldn’t be as cute. And as I’m running along you know everyone is thinking about how cute my shorts are. Right?   RIGHT!

I justified this purchase. Both the shorts (Speed Short) and the top (Cardio Kick Tank) were on sale. I use that term loosely when talking about Lulu. $44 for shorts cannot be classified as a sale. Just Saying.

Despite the cost I’m stoked for them to be here and try them out. I’m always the type to wear my new clothes immediately! They won’t be as cute in a week…duh.

How do you feel about forking over that kind of cash for running clothes? 


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