Filling My Bucket

25 Apr

There’s a saying at my office. “Filling my bucket”.

I love it.

I Can’t Stop Saying It.

I have people in my life that fill up my bucket. Some more than others. Some in different ways.

I have people in my life that kick over my bucket. I’m pretty sure not on purpose.

My goal everyday is to help fill up everyone’s bucket. It could be something as small as a smile and a wave while I’m walking through the office in the morning. Or maybe a small comment “You look really nice today”. I’ve even gone as far as giving up my cup of coffee (blasphemy)

Guess What!

The more I fill up other people’s buckets the more I fill my bucket!

So to everyone that helps fill my bucket everyday. Thank you ❤ I hope that I fill your bucket in return. And to those who don’t…well screw you! I hope someone kicks your bucket into the street…that was a joke…kind of


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