B&A Half Marathon Training: Week 6

4 Feb

Bringing the intensity from Week 5. I joined the gym on Sunday. I’m excited! Bring on core work, running, strength training and cross training. Woot! Okay, so maybe I’ll start incorporating these things a little at a time.  I’m STOKED! (the 2 cups of coffee this morning may be the cause)

Sunday: Rest
9 Miles @9:53 in 1:29:06
I moved this from Saturday. Decided I would run from the house and finish on the other side of Kent Island. The boys would pick me up and we would head off to grocery shopping and general domestic duties. Started slow. 9:48, 9:54, 9:57. The first few miles are the worst when I run from the house. Up until mile and a half I’m on a sidewalk which isn’t horrendous but still I’d rather be on asphalt. Then I’m on and off the side of the road. Not my favorite/safest place to be running. By the time I get to mile 4 I’m on the bike trail and feeling much better. Mile 4 & 5 were sssslllllooooowwwww BUT for good reason. Mile 4 I got a text. I stopped thinking it was D, who else texts me? It wasn’t so I went back to running. Mile 5 I stopped to take off a layer. The gloves had already been removed and it still wasn’t enough. Next 3 miles were great. 9:05, 9:34, 9:25. I realized during those 3 miles that the first 5 I did were actually at a shuffle. No wonder my ankles hurt. It felt good to “run”. Last mile and I was ecstatic. My legs still felt great. It ended up being a lot slower than I thought. 10:14. What the h.e.double hockey sticks!?!?! I did have to run on snow during that mile quite a bit but to slow me down that much? I’m calling shenanigans. Overall I felt great. Happy I got it done and Week 6 is going to be awesome!

Monday: 3 Miles Easy
3 Miles @9:13 in 27:37
First day at the gym! I was way too excited to go. Jumped on the TM after dropping little D off at the HUGE gym daycare. 3 uneventful semi-quick miles. Check. Big D walked in just as I finished up. He jumped on the bike for 5 minutes while I cooled down. We headed back to lift some weights. Ha! What a sight I was! We worked arms. I should measure these Pythons Chick arms!! Ha! We finished up racing a little on the bikes. Perfect night 🙂

Tuesday: 4 Miles Pace
Little D is having tummy issues. Praying its nothing more than something he ate. Poor little man. We spent the evening at home relaxing. Family Time is the best.

Wednesday: 3 Miles Easy
3 Miles
I couldn’t tell you how fast this one was. I was on the gym treadmill and had to pee BAD. Jumped off and ran in the hopes to get back before it reset…I FAILED. Oh well, it was an easy pace so I’m sure I ran it within the range of times. I have been so excited to be at the gym this week. After running D and I went back to work legs and core. Legs is all good in my hood. I think its because I can actually lift weights over 10 lbs. Core was horrific. I’ve never had strong ab muscles. I know I should. But I don’t. D was working with me on the decline bench. You know, do a sit up and then they throw you the medicine ball. Really works the core…unless you catch the ball with your face. Only this chick…end of core workout!

Thursday: Rest
3 Miles @9:29 in 28:28
Didn’t have time to spend an hour at the gym so jumped on the TM for a few miles. Felt pretty good. Wish they would bump the thermostat down a couple degrees though. I know. I know. Everyone enjoys a good sweat…except this girl! Sweat dripping down my face is not the look I’m going for. At least it looks like I’m working my tail off! No weights tonight. Off to my Mom’s house for game night.

Friday: Rest
Spent the evening cleaning and packing for our trip to Erie. I’m really excited to see my family but the amount of work and bags I have for a 2 day trip is insane. Note to Self: Learn to Pack Appropriately.

Saturday: 5k Race
Left at 6:30 for a weekend trip. No running for me this weekend! I’m excited for the break but sad at the same time. I’m going to make up for it next week when my long run gets out to 10 miles…ouch!


Overall, I’m really happy with this week. I’m starting to incorporate non-running activities that will help me become a better runner.

What non-running things do you incorporate into your training?


One Response to “B&A Half Marathon Training: Week 6”

  1. The Running Ginger February 7, 2013 at 8:37 pm #

    I use the gym a lot to try and strengthen my whole body. Lately I have been trying to incorporate crossfit workouts, and I already notice a difference. I try to get as much out of my time as possible, so the fast paced concept of crossfit is nice. I try to go into this in more detail on my blog… I am still learning.

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