B&A Half Marathon Training: Week 4

21 Jan

What a mess this week has been. I’ll be grateful for Monday to come and get a “fresh” start on a week. Talk about a hit to the ol’ consistency ego.

Sunday: Rest
Went over to the In-Laws and got in a nap. Rest, Rest, Rest

Monday: 3 Miles Easy
Feverish and Exhausted. Asleep by 8:30

Tuesday: 4 Miles Pace
Anything I try to eat = nausea.

Wednesday: 3 Miles Easy
Finally feeling more like myself. Wanted to run but knew I needed one more day.

Thursday: Rest
2 Miles @9:22 in 18:45
Didn’t want to over do it. Just happy to be cruizin’ on the Dreadmill. Quit after a couple miles and relaxed. As I was headed up to bed I jumped back on the damn machine thinking one more mile and I’ll feel better. 1/4 mile in D yelled at me to go to bed. Point taken…

Friday: Rest
This week has just stunk. Kind of over it…

Saturday: 7 Miles LSR
6 Miles @10:03 in 1:00:21
This was my first non-solo run in a long time! L and I hit the trail a little later and I followed her lead on pace until the last mile. Had to push her a little. Our last mile was a 9:21 and she did great. She had tons left in the tank. Hopefully we can make Saturday long runs together more often.

Goals for Next Week: Get back on track with my runs and add in some speedwork.

After a bad week of training how do you get back on track? 


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