B&A Half Marathon Training: Week 3

13 Jan

My motivation was definitely lacking at the end of Week 2. I think by battling through it put me in a great mental spot for the beginning of Week 3. Plus, I haven’t missed a workout since starting…I know, I know…it has only been 2 weeks but for me this is an accomplishment! I’m excited to keep my momentum going into Week 3. I’m only going to get to run outside once this week need all the positive vibes.

Sunday: Rest
Family Day! Relaxed and watched football with my boys.

Monday: 3 Miles Easy
4 Miles @9:21 in 37:25
Treadmill run to start off the week. I turned off the Telly Tube and cranked the music on the iPhone. Had to try something different. From the beginning I felt good, which is completely different than every other time I step on that damn machine. I took it easy but enjoyed the first couple miles. Decided to run 30 minutes rather than the 3 miles. Started to cooldown and realized I only have .75 left to get to 4…so I finished it up. Who knows how I’ll feel tomorrow…

Tuesday: 4 Miles Easy
3 Miles @9:30 in 28:30
Treadmilled it. Can I make Treadmill a verb? Sure…I did…I ran 4 yesterday so it was 3 today. I have a habit of wanting to push my mileage during the week but afraid of still doing too much, too quickly. Uneventful overall.

Wednesday: 3 Miles Easy
I spent the entire evening trying to find a flu shot for my boy. I’d say I drove over 100 miles and 4 stores and no one had it. It stinks I missed my run but my boy is much more important 🙂

Thursday: Rest
Game night at my Mom’s. Well…we didn’t play any games but we girl talked for the evening which is as good of a rest night as any!

Friday: Rest
This was truly a rest day! We did nothing but laundry and watching the tube.

Saturday: 6 Miles
8 Miles @9:40 in 1:17:22
D had work to do at my ex-brother in laws. It just so happened that it was exactly 8 miles from my house! What are the chances?!?! So I said hi and bye and headed off. Not once did my mind wander to anything negative! I felt calm, energized and good. So good in fact I thought about doubling up and running on the TM for a couple more miles. You can even tell in my facepre-run vs post.

I decided not to push it. D and I took the boy out to see Arenacross and had a blast!!!


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