B&A Half Marathon Training: Week 2

7 Jan

This is the week that I headed back to work (booo). I could get used to being home everyday…maybe.  I do enjoy going to work and contributing but being home is amazing too. My goal for the week was to run every training run this week knowing full well that most of my runs would have to be on the ‘Mill.

HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!! Date night with D to watch the game and indulge in a few adult beverages.

Monday: 3 Miles Easy
3 miles  @9:32 in 28:36
This was on the treadmill. I got it done just before the boys got home. The only thing better than getting this run done and out of the way was ringing in the New Year with my favorite men. Oh! And I rocked my new Back on Track Tank.  It fit great, the support was great, my only complaint is a crazy one but I kept hitting the drawcord on the bottom with my hand and it was obnoxious. Sounds dumb now that I say it out-loud. hmm…

Tuesday: 3 Miles Pace
3.33 miles @9:00 in 30:00
Was in the middle of putting Christmas decorations away and caught a glimpse of the clock…4:15!!! Was out the door in less than 5 minutes to make sure I got to run outside on my last day of VK. What a way to start the New Year! Happy 2013 Everyone!

Wednesday: 3 Miles Easy
3 miles @9:45 in 29:17
On the treadmill AGAIN. Gotta get used to it until I can get some daylight before or after work. Nothing exciting about this one.

Thursday: Rest
Game night at my Mom’s house and drank an orange soda for the first time in forever. It was awesome.

Friday: Rest
I had the urge to run but with my long run tomorrow I figured the extra rest would be nice. Headed to bed early after an evening of Duck Dynasty repeats. I don’t know why I find that show so entertaining…

Saturday: 5 Miles LSR
7 miles @9:54 in 1:07:20
The first mile and a half was a fight with the brain. Really didn’t feel like getting out and moving today. Decided that I would reward myself with Starbucks if I finished 7 miles. It really helped knowing that this should be a slow run and there was no pressure to run fast or hit a pace. Just one foot in front of the other. Slow and Steady. Grande Vanilla Spice may be my new favorite Starbucks treat!

Goals for Week 3: Keep up hitting all of my workouts. Eat better lunches during the week.


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