B&A Half Marathon Training: Week 1

30 Dec

The week of Christmas as the first week of training was a blessing! I was concerned going in that maybe the holiday celebrations would affect my running but in reality it was wonderful. I was off of work all week which meant all of my runs could be outdoors. I’ll never pass up the opportunity to run outside. Screw that treadmill fo’ real.

Training Week 1

Sunday: Rest Day

Monday: 3 “easy” miles 26:59. It was chilly out – 39 degrees and raining. I dressed warm, UA coldgear tights and all season short sleeve top with Fleece over that, Lululemon brisk run headband and gloves. By half a mile in I was yanking up my fleece sleeves to try and cool off. I totally get arm warmers now! It was beautiful on the bike trail with only a couple signs of life while I was out there.

Tuesday: Scheduled 3 miles but moved this to tomorrow since its Christmas!!!

Wednesday: 3 miles 28:37. I thought I was going to be able to run outside but the logistics just weren’t working out. So – to the treadmill I went. It was horrible. Enough said.

Thursday: 3 miles 28:22. Cold isn’t the word for this run. 39 degrees isn’t horrific and actually I enjoy running at that temperature BUT the 40 mph wind gusts would cut right through me. I wore enough clothes. Almost the same as Monday but long sleeve Lululemon Run Swiftly Tech.

Friday: No running today but D (the husband) and I had our kickball championship game. I am happy to announce that we WON!!! We are Fall League, Social Division, Kickball Champions of the WORLD! The nice thing about kickball is it really works other muscles and I get some short sprinting in. I like to call it cross training.

Saturday: 6 miles 57:03. Schedule called for 4 miles but my long runs are well…longer than that so I’m waiting for the schedule to catch up to me. Woke up before the boys so I took the opportunity to get out and running before the house got crazy. Snow, sleet and rain throughout the run. The snow was gorgeous but the sleet was less than stellar. Started to have some right achilles pain on the last mile. Had this pain earlier in the year and found stretching took care of it. But as always, as the time passed and the pain was gone I kind of forgot about the stretching. This was a good reminder.

Goals for Week 2: Get in all of my runs next week even though I’m headed back to work and increase my water intake.


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