Race: Downs Park 5 Miler

7 Nov

So today was about helping a friend reach her goals and helping to push her to run a little faster and out of her comfort zone (10 min miles). It was a chilly COLD morning and since I haven’t really been running outside since it got cold I had no idea what to wear and was very unprepared.

Mile 1 (9:47): Had no idea which way the start was so we kind of stood around hoping we would be somewhere toward the rear. Well, we were right…pretty much the very back. We chatted for most of the mile which was a nice way to pass a little time.
Mile 2 (9:56): Felt great. Not chatting as much but kept telling her she looked great. Got stuck behind a group but was able to enjoy running through the woods. This trail had so many twists and turns I honestly had no idea which way we were headed.
Mile 3 (9:45): Made it past a few ladies on this mile. Plus we were blessed with a hill! I love hills. It is a great opportunity to pass people and most of the time when you go up…you get to come back down!
Mile 4 (9:47): This brought us back around and down by the bay. I think I appreciated the view more than L did. I had to start really cheering here. Her cadence was still great but I could tell she was starting to struggle with the mental side of things. I let her know that every mile we ran started with a “9” and that seemed to do the trick. By now we had stripped off the extra layers and were sweating pretty good.
Mile 5 (9:21): This was a great mile. She still had some left in the tank and we really pushed it for the last mile to end strong. Plus it always helps when we know we are going to hit our goals! Finish Time: 49:04



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