Race: Women’s Distance Festival

25 Jul

You really can’t beat a 5k for under $20. Again – I love the Annapolis Striders. They put on great events and they are so inexpensive. This was the first 5k for a friend of mine (‘L’) and I had convinced a couple of other friends to run as well. I came in anticipating a PR as I haven’t run a 5k since March and I think I’m in better shape now.

The day was a little dreary and rain was immanent. I lined up toward the front. Top 25% probably. When the gun went off I went, I tried to keep up with the front pack as much as possible. That was my strategy at least. Go out fast and try to maintain. The course was 2 laps on residential roads with “rolling hills” (read: 2 steep ones).


I rounded the corner to finish the first lap and knew I was in trouble. First lap was done in 12:25. Normally I would have been ecstatic but I felt dehydrated and that’s all I could think about. Slowly a couple of ladies passed me and while I wish I would have felt inspired by that; Instead, I felt tired. Halfway through the second lap I convinced myself that it would be okay to walk – just for a second. As soon as I did I heard a woman behind me “Hey, girl in front of me…we don’t walk – lets go.” I laughed a little and picked it back up. She said “Thank you” and I carried on. She’s my hero of the day – if only I knew her name! Even with my little bit of a walk I’m happy to say I PR’d!!!!

Time: 26:10
27 out of 168 overall
4 out of 11 in my division (fem. 20-29)



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