Race: Frederick Half Marathon

8 May

This was my half marathon debut! I’ll start out by saying as usual I was harder on myself going into this event then I needed to be. Thinking that I needed to keep up with the others I was running with rather than worrying about my own goals. Leaving this event I feel accomplished, I am proud but I am unfulfilled.

Mile 1 (9:45): We filed in somewhere in the middle. The 2:10 pacers were in front of us but as the race started we quickly passed them. I had to deliberately hold back and not keep up with some of the runners flying by me.
Mile 2&3 (9:35,9:36): This was a fun part of the course. We passed stores, churches and row homes. The street was tree lined and there was a nice mist/rain coming down. It was refreshing!
Mile 4-6 (9:50,9:59,9:52): I kept telling myself to slow down. I knew I wouldn’t make it rockin’ a 9:35 pace the rest of the way. I slowed down a little and kept telling myself to worry about pace once I hit halfway. Just make it to the halfway point!
Mile 7 (10:04): Was running along and bumped into Jon. He was limping along so slowed down to chat with him for a few seconds and make sure he was okay. Tried to throw a little inspiration his way and set off again. Had another guy go down right in front of me (literally had to jump over him) but by the time I stopped and turned around another man had gotten him up. I think it was the end of his day.
Mile 8-10 (9:55,9:56,9:58): Passed the Mile 8 clock at 1:18:21. Not bad, on pace for under 2:10. Mentally still feeling pretty good. Kept telling myself to keep it consistent, over and over in my head it was between ‘Your legs still feel good’, ‘Wait until there is 5k left’. I had thought there was a pretty good downhill spurt on Mile 8…but I never found it. By the end of Mile 10 I was tired, my legs hurt, and the thought of running up another hill was enough to make me want to walk.
Mile 11&12 (10:33,10:22): At the end of Mile 10 the 2:10 pacers caught up to me. Shit! Any piece of mental trickery that I was playing on my legs was now over. I felt defeated and it shows in my times. I wasn’t going to hit my time. There was a big hill that I trudged up. One foot in front of the other and by the end of Mile 12 the pacers were far enough out of reach that I knew I wouldn’t catch them.
Mile 13&.1 (10:32,9:59): My Garmin says I stunk at Running the Tangents recording 13.2 but nonetheless. The large hill at the end of Mile 13 can kiss my rear end.  I was so excited to be done that the hill, running on a horse track (horrible divots), and the pain in my legs didn’t matter. I couldn’t pick up the pace, I couldn’t sprint and it actually made me feel better about my performance. I had nothing left to give and that meant I did my best for that day.
P.S. The man with the sign that said “Honeybadger don’t give a shit. Keep Running” at the bottom of the massive hill at mile 13 is my hero. I wish I had a camera to take a picture of that one. Finish Time: 2:11:53

This is only the beginning…it is only up from here. I feel more refreshed and motivated to move forward with my running now than I was before. Bring it on…

2,244 out of 4,009 overall
187 out of 422 in my division (Fem. 25-29)
1,014 out of 2,289 in females


One Response to “Race: Frederick Half Marathon”

  1. Alberto May 8, 2012 at 11:12 am #

    You’re a hero too!!!



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