Training Run: 13 miles if you Round Up

22 Apr

I’m hurting a little today…24 hours post run. We set out way too late in the day and by mile 5 I was hurting. The first few miles flew by but the sun was relentless and when we were in the shade the air was stagnant. I’m not sure which I prefer…maybe neither.  I walked and dumped my remaining water on me in an effort to cool down. There was a water fountain just around the bend. Or so I thought.

The next half mile or so we walked, talked and searched for a water fountain. The trail was back in the woods by the bay and we were all alone.  We joked about how we were in the Hunger Games and that we should watch out for Tracker Jackers.  Eventually between walking and running we made it to my Sister’s house where we refilled our water bottles and used the hose to cool off a little. We were only at 8.5 miles and I was sinking fast. Actually I should say I was already sunk.

I ran until 10 miles and then willed myself to run/walk. I would make deals with myself, just run to the end of the bridge, just run to the stop sign, just run…just run. I kept telling myself that it was okay, my feet hurt, I was thirsty, I was done, there was no reason to hurt myself or kill myself today.

I finally reached the car…I’m done! 12.7 miles. A little short but I’ll take it. 2:24:17

7 blisters later I can say that I’m a little more in love with the sport than I was on Friday.

How did everyone’s weekend running go?


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