Life: Play by Play

30 Mar

Quick Update on Chialastri Things:

  • We lost Danny’s Grandad a couple weeks ago. He had been battling multiple infections for a few weeks and just couldn’t fight any longer. It was a very emotional time for everyone in the family but he is in a better place now and at peace so we are thankful for that.
  • Work has been insane. 2 resignations in 2 weeks in important roles equals insanity. It has been very stressful but I have to keep on chugging and hopefully won’t allow it to affect my home life much.
  • Danny had his 29th birthday party. We had a BLAST! I was the DD and surprisingly I had a ton of fun sober – who would have thunk it! It was great to see everyone. It isn’t often that we get everyone together now that we have families and things. Everyone got along, had fun, and got home safely.
  • Running has been horrible. I signed up for a 10-miler on Sunday just to force myself to complete the distance. I have no goal other than to finish and from what I’ve seen I am going to have some hills to contend with.
  • School has been good. I’m taking Accounting right now and since this will most likely be my career path I am making sure I know it like the back of my hand. So far so good and I will most likely take my 4.0 into the summer semester. It is taking me a little longer to get through then I had wanted but it is hard juggling everything. 
  • Couponing is great but holy too much shit. Ha! I should go take a picture of the cabinets under our bathroom sinks. I think I’m up to 12 bottles of shaving cream, 20 razors, 4 cans of hairspray (I don’t style my hair), 15 boxes of hair dye, 7 deodorants….and the list goes on and on. At least this stuff doesn’t go bad. I’m more nervous about all the medications I have stocked up on. Not sure why I thought 4 bottles of Children’s Advil was necessary. 
  • We went go-karting a couple of weeks ago. Danny wants to get back into the sport. Unfortunately the karts we have, while fun, are no longer the new hotness and there isn’t a class for them. We could run them but we would only be racing ourselves. That kind of takes the fun out of it. So, I think he is going to sell them and save up so David can race when he gets old enough. 
I guess that wraps it all up – I’ll let you know how my run goes on Sunday. Until then here is my little man building me something…

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