Race: St. Patrick’s Day 5k

18 Mar

I ran (no pun intended) across this event about a month ago and decided for the cost and location I couldn’t pass it up. I had been planning on running a 10k even closer to my home but $45 entry cost had me looking elsewhere. The Denton St. Patrick’s Day 5k was only $15 and we got an event shirt. Not sure how they make any money doing it but hey, I’ll run those little events all day long!

The first mile was great! I started toward the front since there were a lot of strollers, dogs, and what I was pretty sure were walkers. I gravitated to two women and kept tight to them for the first mile. I felt light on my feet, the two hills were okay, I was doing pretty well with keeping pace. Looked down 8:02. Awesome!

Second mile was horrific. I slowly lost the two women and was running by myself. No one in front or behind me for at least .1 of a mile. So, lesson learned – I need to learn how to push my pace by myself. At the end of the second mile there was a water stop. I’ve never stopped before since I’ve only run 5k’s but I was feeling dehydrated and HOT – I think it was 60 degrees at the start. I grabbed a cup, folded it like I had read, and spilled it all over my face, shirt, and feet. I guess between holding my breath trying to drink and the two sips I did get, I felt like I was going to throw up. So, lesson learned – I need to learn water stops, or better yet, don’t stop at 5k’s and slow down more at my half, or carry my UD Fastdraw Bottle that I know how to use. Garmin beeps – 9:03…completely deflated

Third mile was okay, my legs were feeling heavy and were moving at the 9:00 min mile pace the they had been used to moving. Oh and the course was an out and back, the two hills I felt good on in the beginning had me crawling up them! I must have glanced at my watch 3 times…I still had time to PR – have to keep going. Turned the corner and saw the finish line. I didn’t have much left but managed to cross in 26:49! PR’d by almost a full minute. Thank goodness for going out fast.

Overall, it was a good run, I can’t complain *much* about a PR and learning some lessons for the future. The atmosphere was great and I will definitely run another Seashore Striders event.

47 out of 188 overall
4 out of 24 in my division (Fem. 20-29)

18 out of 118 in females


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