Running Shoes: How do I choose?

2 Mar

running shoesThe staple of a runners gear is their shoes. You can probably run without your favorite shirt or shorts but running without your running shoes is ludicrous. There are quite a few different brands of shoes out there and each brand has different lines. Lets start with the major brands; Adidas, Asics, Brooks, Mizuno, New Balance, Nike, Saucony and the list goes on and on. Then within each of those brands is a shoe type which includes Neutral, Stability, Stability Plus, Motion Control Plus, etc. So how in the world do you figure out what shoe is best for you when the choices are endless? Well, it is actually quite easy…you go to a specialty running store and have a pro tell you what to buy. Here is the best part, just because they recommend a certain shoe doesn’t mean you have to buy it there BUT most of the time they will let you try out the shoe on the spot. Who wouldn’t want to test drive a new pair of shoes prior to buying??

Another question for the vets!
What running shoe works for you and how did you find it?


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