Running is Complicated

29 Feb

Prior to being introduced to the sport of running I had what I thought was a clear understanding of the sport. I had seen Olympic coverage, I watched National Championships, it seemed pretty self explanatory; They Ran. It wasn’t like Gymnastics, when you watched gymnasts on television it looked complicated. How do you do two flips in the air while spinning three times before landing on your feet perfectly balanced so you don’t move.  Running is like walking but faster, how much could really go into it? As I have come to find out Running is so beautifully simple yet more complicated than I ever gave it credit for.

This is my home for all of the mistakes, questions, answers, wonders that I am encountering as a newbie. I haven’t been running for years, I don’t know the first thing about foot stride or strike, or compression or cadence but I will one day and hopefully you will follow and learn with me through my running journey.


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