Well Hello: Bud Light Platinum

2 Feb

Last night Dan brought home a 6 pack of the newest Bud Light Beer, the Bud Light Platinum. We had been waiting anxiously for the local liquor store to get it in stock so we could check it out. What’s not to be excited about, almost 2% more Alcohol by Volume, where do I sign!

I’ve always enjoyed beer, probably started drinking beer when I was err of legal age and have been a loyal Anheuser-Busch customer since the beginning. I’ve tried just about all of their Budweiser products, Select, Select 55, Bud Light Lime, BudHeavy (Budweiser Red Can), Bud Ice, etc etc…and I haven’t necessarily been a fan of some of them. My favorites by far are good ole Bud Light and the Select 55. Platinum though could supplant Select 55 and give Bud Light a run for its money.

Bud Light Platinum is a little sweeter but still has the easy drinkability that Bud Light offers. The calories are a little high, I think I read somewhere that its over 130 calories so if you are counting calories this probably isn’t your first choice. Although will the higher alcohol content you might drink fewer (total sales pitch). I’m sold and think you should go check it out and let me know what you think!


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