The Treadmill is Death

24 Jan

Hatred is such a strong word but it is definitely the feeling that I have toward my Treadmill. I was so excited to get the treadmill since I knew the winter months would be tough but I underestimated the pain of this machine. So far this winter I have been lucky enough to get out for my long runs. Layer on my UA gear and head on out. Last week it was 30 degrees out and I was so excited to be outside it didn’t matter.

Anyway, my husband has decided that I should run inside until this whole dog bite thing is behind us. The matter should be finalized Wednesday since that will be the end of the 10-day quarantine that the poor dogs had to endure. I feel horrible…but that’s another story all together. ANYWAY…back on the subject…that meant I had to do an hour on the treadmill…an hour of pure hatred. 
It’s over! I finished my 6 miles in an hour (1:01:11 to be exact) and that my feelings haven’t changed. I guess I had hoped after making it that far that I could find the groove my happy place but….I didn’t. So, if anyone has any ideas to change my mind, turn this hate into love, please let me know. I’m up for anything hypnosis, sleep running, moving my treadmill outside. I will do anything! 

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