Thanksgiving was Great!

29 Nov

We had such a good time in Milwaukee, definitely wish we had planned a little longer of a trip out there. The drives were rough, the one out was worse than the one back. We were exhausted almost the entire time but it was SO worth it.

I did a tiny bit of black friday shopping. If you follow my ramblings you’ll know that I’m pretty much done Christmas shopping already. So for the most part I only bought things we really needed, new towels, jeans and pajamas for David, etc. Plus we were in Milwaukee and had to haul back everything we bought.

I fell in love with COD MW3 or Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 for those not so versed. It brought me back to College when we would play Counter Strike on the computer. So much fun and so addicting! I’m thinking about getting COD for the house…I am doing my best not to give in though.

Now that Thanksgiving is over I’m back to running. 2 for 2 this week. I’ve also found out that I can run faster than I thought…always a nice surprise. Not sure why I didn’t think of that before.

Eh, that’s all I got…


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