Horrible Running Day

23 Oct

I haven’t run in a week. My knees have hurt and with sunrise happening later and sunset happening earlier I don’t have daylight to run during the week.  Looks like a treadmill will be in my future during the week. My goal was 4+ miles this morning. It was cold so I got dressed in pants and a long sleeve t-shirt knowing that I would get warm but that isn’t something that bothers me most of the time. We decided to go to the cross island trail because that allowed David to play at the park with Dan while I got in some miles.

The beginning of the run was great. I started on a long stretch of trail that was wooded, shaded and cool. There was a nice breeze going and I was chugging along at a slow pace (11:00). Nearing 1 mile I came out of the trees and damn was it hot. I think the air temp went up 10 degrees in the mile I had been out of the sun. I was still okay though and kept on going. The second mile was okay but I started getting bored. The trail isn’t the most exciting place to run. There are a couple people you pass but there are no houses, nothing to look at, no one to stare at…just me and my thoughts. Unfortunately today I didn’t have anything interesting to think about. So, I called Dan in the hopes that he could just meet me at the end of the trail (about 3 miles). He didn’t answer. I turned back and that’s when all the self doubt started. I was overheated, I was unhappy, and I had nothing to think about except how much this sucked.

Overall, I struggled to get back to where I started. I had called Dan a couple more times hoping he would come pick my lazy butt up…he never answered. My knees still hurt but not quite as bad so I’ll jump on the treadmill on Tuesday and see if I can get some miles going and get my confidence back up.

T-Minus 145 Days


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