Holy Knees!

21 Oct

I am having issues with my knee again. The good news is I think I have diagnosed myself…as a lazy stretcher. When will I learn!!!!

My body has always had a very strong lower body, very weak upper so when I started running it didn’t take long for my legs to begin bulking up.  Well, unfortunately I did not stay true to my stretching routine and I have lost a lot of my flexibility.  It seems that my knee starts acting up and then I stretch out my hamstring and calf then the pain begins to diminish.  It is amazing how important stretching and proper warm up is and it is even more amazing that his is the second time this has happened. It really is time to take control of the issue and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The pain was so bad last night that I couldn’t bring myself to head outside and run. I was upset – I want to rock this half marathon and the training isn’t starting the way I had hoped.  So I’ve been stretching all day and hope that I will be able to get out there today and get a few miles under my belt.

T-Minus 147 Days


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