13 Days to Go

2 Oct

I’m done counting how many days I’ve been running. Instead we are going to count down until the Baltimore 5k which is what got me started on this little journey anyway.

The temperature has really changed here. In the course of 24 hours we went from mid 70’s to not able to break out of the 50’s. Yesterday was a dreary day, drizzling most of the day and 55. I went out to run a full 5k and the air was pretty brisk. I started slow since I’m trying to keep my knee from exploding. It wasn’t too bad and by the end I felt like I was a little overdressed. I will be interested to see what the weather is like for this run in Baltimore. From here on out I’m only running 5k plus. By October 13th I would like to be able to run 3.5 – 4 miles just so I know I can “easily” run the 3.11.

Anyway, I’m scheduled to run MWF this week so I’ll update and let you know how I’m making out 🙂


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