My Life has Exploded

23 Sep

I’m looking at the disaster area around me…this really needs to change – our lives are busy, I don’t have time or energy to clean. It’s disgusting. Hopefully when I can start running again I’ll get some energy back so I can get the house back on track.

This week has been really exciting. David decided to potty train this week which was a welcome gift! I received a phone call from daycare on Tuesday saying David wasn’t feeling well. So, off I went to pick him up and when I got there he was crying hysterically (not like him at all). We got home and it became clear very quickly that the issue was severe diaper rash. Since we were home I took off his pants and let him run. Trying to get it to clear up as quickly as possible I figured it was a good move.  After a couple accidents and putting him on the potty he just picked it up and has been great since. Only one accident at daycare!

I haven’t been running at all this week from what I suspect is a knee sprain. I’ve really missed it since it has become a really great release and escape for me. Plus, there is only 22 days until my next 5k and there is still a lot of training I need to do. My goal is to be under 33 minutes and comfortable running that distance by the time it comes around.  I was just getting to that point last week before I had to take a break for this damn knee.

Dan is incredibly excited to do some work on his mini-truck this winter. He’s acting like a little kid in a candy store telling me about all his projects and the stuff that he is going to do. I’m excited for him and David really enjoys spending time with Dan in the garage and taking rides in his truck so it will be good for both of them.

Oh, and one of my exciting projects is this years Halloween party. I’ve been slacking the last couple years so I’m excited to go all out this year. If you have any ideas let me know!


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