Day 30 – 3 Miles

13 Sep

It has officially been 1 month of running! I can’t believe I’m still at it after a month since I really disliked running in the past I thought for sure I would give up after a week. There has been a couple times where I was ready to throw in the towel but I had already paid to run the 5k in Baltimore with Brandy so I couldn’t quit!

Dan has decided to go back to the gym so when he got home at 7:30 I was walking out the door to run. I decided to run straight up Main Street since it had sidewalks and while it was light out I didn’t feel safe running on the road. At 1.7 miles, when I turn around to head home, it was dark! The sidewalks and roads here aren’t well lit so I headed back and tried to keep as far from the road as possible.

Overall the run was pretty easy. My first 2 miles were easy breezy so I tried to pick up the pace for my 3rd and boy did I feel it! On another note, my knee had been sore from my run on Saturday but felt good yesterday (even through the run) so I was hoping it was just a little stiff from not stretching enough. I could barely walk on it this morning. *sigh* It is feeling better this evening but I’m going to take an extra day rest in the hopes that it heals itself quickly.

Day 30
3 Miles
36:22 (11:58 mile)

Mile 1 – 12:20; Mile 2 – 12:11; Mile 3 – 11:24


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