Day 21 – 1.5 Miles

1 Sep

Yesterday was my “easy” day. I knew that this journey wouldn’t be easy per se but shit…how long do I have to run before 1.5 miles can be considered easy! Off the jump I felt like I was running too fast. 5 mph is slow but its comfortable for me right now. I could probably have run 3 miles on Monday night at that pace. I say that in anticipation of how ridiculous this will sound but yesterday I was at a 5.3 mph pace. HA! An increase of .3 mph and I thought I was going to die at the end. I don’t understand it! What’s my issue? Maybe its because I ran at night on Monday and in the morning on Wednesday? Maybe I don’t warm up well enough in the morning? Who knows – all I know is that 1.5 miles shouldn’t be harder (for me, in my particular case) than 2 miles.

Seeing how tonight goes maybe I’ll run tonight rather than tomorrow morning and see how it feels. I think my next run is another 2 miler…

Day 21
1.5 Miles
16:48 (11:11 mile)


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