Running, Life & the Weekend

19 Aug

It’s 7:30 pm and David and I are sitting on the couch listening to the rain come down. We have no TV since the storm has killed the satellite so he sits here playing with his flashlight and I’m blogging. Dan is still at work…surprise surprise…I think he came home “on time” one day this week. eh, it gets to me but what can you do – it’s why I hate the automotive business. You have to make the money while it’s there because you don’t know if there will be any tomorrow. Still stinks to spend the majority of your time together sleeping.

I went running this morning. 1.5 miles in 18:37 which is a minute and a half faster than Monday’s 1.5. It was a tough run though. They were doing work at the school so I had to run farther down the street rather than running a couple laps through the parking lot. Anyway, I’ve had a headache ALL week – thinking that maybe it was my contacts I took them out last night to sleep. This morning I was too out of it to put them back in so I took off without them. Not only did I come about 1/2 a foot from stepping on a black snake (he wasn’t very happy about how close I was and neither was I) but I also had severe anxiety about a man leaning on a telephone pole with his dog. I couldn’t figure out why he was out at 6:30 am, why he was taking up the entire sidewalk and how I was going to get around him without the dog chasing me…damn people – or in this case mailbox (dog) and tree (man). Now in my defense the tree did lean against the telephone pole! Needless to say it will be the first and last run without my contacts lol.

The fear of the man with the dog though got me running faster and by the end of my run I was worn out. I have 4 more runs before I have to increase my distance so I’m pretty confident that I’ll be feeling better with my 1.5 before than.

Tomorrow Dan and I are headed to Jess & Geo’s wedding. I think we are all set – I’ve picked out a dress I already owned (total surprise) and Dan’s suit is dry cleaned. Just need to get the boys haircuts tomorrow and we will be ready to go. David’s hair is so long! I’m planning on running Sunday morning so it’ll be a pretty tame night for me. I’ll let you know how my run goes Sunday morning šŸ™‚


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