Feeling Defeat Already?

11 Aug

Long story short, a friend of mine asked if I would run the 5K race at The Baltimore Marathon with her. I haven’t run at all in I would say 8 years. I ran the indoor track at the UMD gym for a couple years but it was carpeted and a little easier on my ankles (I have had 2 ankle reconstructions now). Anyway, I told her I would run Wednesday evening and see how it went and let her know.

I ran that evening – not far – with the stroller and ridiculous humidity. Everything went well. So I woke up early yesterday morning to go for another run but by myself and before it got nasty outside. Again, it went okay. I ran 3/4 mile in 8 1/2 minutes. So I told my friend that I was in for the 5k. Each run I iced my ankles. I was feeling good but by noon time the pain was starting to set in. Hips are the worst, shins, my feet were swollen and I didn’t even want to think about running again…EVER! I knew I would be sore but I guess I thought it would be the “feel good” sore not that ow that hurts sore.

Uncle Leny gave me a link to a Couch to 5K program and while I was hoping to just start with my little 3/4 mile and start increasing my distance a little each day I do think I’m going to run every other day to give my body time to recover. Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow? I’ll give it a week and see what kind of progress I’m making before I throw in the towel but last night I was ready to give up 😦


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