Family, Family & More Family

28 Jun

This is my favorite time of the year. My brother and his family come into town for a few weeks and normal life seems to disappear.  What it is replaced with is no sleep, drinking, and drama – always a welcome break from my normal, mundane life. They are driving in from their new digs on Friday and our annual 4th of July picnic starts at Noon the next day. This means spending most of the evening and into the night at my Mom’s house Friday, only to run home grab a couple hours of sleep and return in the morning to prepare for the party. I complain, because well…that’s what I’m supposed to do but this is definitely the time of the year that I look forward to the most.

David has been practicing all of his cousin’s names for the past week. He picks up this picture:

And one by one he’ll go through the faces…Oooonnn, llllaaannaa, ehaan. It may be one of the cutest things ever! But of course he’s the cutest as I’m sure you are all aware 🙂
I’ll try my hardest to update during their trip here and takes tons of pictures. I’m finding I’m not as good at remembering to take pictures as I thought I was!

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