20 Jun

This past Friday Dan and I hit the road with some friends to travel to Slamology, a mini truck show in Indianapolis, IN. The total road trip start to finish covered just about 1300 miles. All in all I’m happy that I went. Dan and I got to spend a lot of time together which was wonderful. We never fought, never argued, just truly enjoyed each other’s company. The trip itself was tough though. On the way out to IN we had an issue with Dan’s truck twice, including the brakes and the front something or other. It rained almost the entire time we were there. Saturday during the day we had a good 5 hour stretch that was beautiful but had to literally run when a storm came rolling into the fairgrounds. Other than that it was either pouring or drizzling off and on.

There were some cool trucks out there. A 2 door magnum, an older Dually that Dan fell in love with, and some pretty clean s10’s. They had also just paved the road outside of our hotel so there were some drag and burnout sessions going on. Friday more so than Saturday since the cops seemed to be a staple at the hotel Saturday night.  There was a White Castle across the street from the hotel so of course we had to try it, along with the Japanese Steak House (yuck).

We started back around 1pm on Sunday after being in Indy for under 48 hours. We were rolling down the road when Dave’s truck broke in Wheeling, WV about halfway home. Stuck is never fun but all of us made the best of it, playing quarters and flip cup. This morning Dave’s Dad had come to pick his truck up and we hit the road again. Dan and I finally made it home by about 5 this afternoon. I really was anxious to get home, David had a little episode this morning of home sickness so the last drive today seemed to take forever!

Like I said, glad that I went and spent time with Dan but I don’t see myself doing that again anytime soon! So happy to be home with my little family!


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