Countdown Begins

10 Jun

1 Week until we are off on a road trip to Indianapolis! I’m so excited to get going and I’m sure it will be one hell of an adventure. We are planning on stopping every 2 1/2 hours (although Dave says his truck won’t make it that far) for a little adventure in different towns or cities. I’m not sure how it will all work out but gambling, eating, drinking and shenanigans will most likely all be involved.

We are headed to Dan’s parents house tomorrow to work on Dan’s truck, well lets be honest the boys will work on the truck while the girls go for a mani/pedi and hopefully lounge by the pool. It always seems like we work on Dan’s truck up until the moment we leave for any trip. I’ll post pictures tomorrow of Dan’s roll pan and new air management system thing-a-ma-jig.

Oh & hopefully my iPhone is at the house when I get back from work!! Woot!


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