Rite Aid Round 2 for the Week

9 Jun
So I decided to head back out to Rite Aid for some good deals today. I’ll post a picture later but here is what I got:
Transaction 1:
(1) Cross Action Power Toothbrush
(1) John Frieda Hair Volumizer
(1) Red Bull (mega splurge for the morning)
Used $5 Up+
oop: $1.07
Up+ Reward: $2.99
Rebate: $5.00 for the John Frieda
Transaction 2 & 3:
(2) Cross Action Power Toothbrush
Rolled $2.99 Up+ Rewards through each transaction
oop: $0.36
Up+ Reward: $2.99
Total Before Coupons: $39.72
Total OOP: $1.43
Up+ Remaining: $6.59
Rebate Remaining: $5.00
So even though I lost $2.01 in Up+ Rewards (thanks to the Red Bull lol) I still ended up turning a profit of $0.85 today. That puts my weekly profit from Rite Aid to $6.51!

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