19 May
This weekend we are headed to WMZQ Fest!!! I’m so excited to go and hang out with Dan for the entire day. It is down in Virginia at Nissan Pavilion or whatever they call it now a days which is forever away. Chase suggested taking the “party” bus and for $33 per person you really can’t beat it. One you don’t have to drive, two you don’t have to pay for gas, and three we can drink or sleep or do whatever we want to and from the concert.
Anyway, I’m mostly excited to see Jason Alden because well…he’s awesome. But the rest of the lineup is great too so it will be a really fun and exciting day.
Switch subject…
My little family has been sick this week and as I’m typing this Dan is in a NyQuil induced coma lol. It all started with David Monday night. He woke up at 10 pm and was talking to himself for a good 15 minutes before I went in to check on him. The poor boy was burning up. Took him to the doctor the next morning and was told it was a virus and an obviously nasty one. Even after tylenol his temperature had only dropped to 102.1 and that was an armpit temp. He bounced back in 48 hours but those couple of days were tough on him.  Dan has been trying to fight it off all week but is definitely feeling the effects. I’m praying he feels better by Saturday so he can enjoy the concert.
I am planning a couponing trip to Walgreens tmw so if I make it I will update with how I did. Otherwise, have a great weekend!!!

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