…and Breathe

9 May

This past weekend was Kelly & Rob’s wedding and as much as I enjoyed being part of the festivities I am very happy to get back to my normal life. Routine has never been as important to me as it is now. David & I are much happier this way and well…when David’s happy we are all happy.  The past week has been rough on the little man. Dan has had to pick him up from daycare and I’ve been gone in the evenings; I think I only saw him for 15 minutes between Friday & Saturday. He wasn’t happy about the change and had no problem telling Dan how miserable he was.  Our treat for Mother’s Day and getting back into our nicely scheduled life was laying on the couch napping with each other. I loved snuggling and I’m sure he enjoyed his Mommy time.  This morning was the first time in a while I saw the happy David we know and love.

On another note – I picked up some Capri Sun Roaring Waters for daycare.  Ever since we switched to this daycare David has had issues with dirty diapers.  I think it is the amount of juice that he gets and I understand it is hard to tell him no when the other kids can have juice boxes. So I’m really hoping that with these we can get his belly back to where it needs to be.  He’s so excited to have a “box” that I don’t think he cares what’s in it!

David’s vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds everyday. It is so funny to hear him use words for the first time – they always catch us off guard. Saturday, I stubbed my two and let out a good, loud s**t and without missing a beat David repeated it back to me and kept on with his business.  Oops, such a bad Mommy! But I learned my lesson!


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