2nd Birthday

1 May

I am seriously tore up about David’s 2nd birthday. It’s surprising because his 1st birthday didn’t phase me much – I was more excited about it than upset. But now as his 2nd birthday is creeping up on me I’m realizing that the time is not going to slow down. He’s talking, running, comprehending, making decisions…in a few years he will begin school. The time has passed too quickly and even though we savor almost (some of the stubbornness I could do without) every moment it still feels like a haze.

Pity party over 🙂 So the birthday invitations should be here on Wed. and since they are postcards the smallest number I could get was 100. What am I going to do with 100 birthday invitations lol!!!!  I can’t complain since they only cost me $20 but I don’t want to waste them. Maybe I can find something creative to use them for.

Tomorrow David gets his forehead fixed and then Friday the wedding festivities begin!!!  Cannot wait for Kelly’s wedding, it is going to be such a great time. Just hoping I don’t fall off my shoes walking down the aisle!

Have a great Monday everyone!


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