Happy Easter

23 Apr

Last weekend was my first attempt at making cake pops and well…they didn’t turn out bad per se but they definitely didn’t look like they were supposed to. The first couple of “eggs” fell off their sticks, the next couple didn’t look like eggs, and the couple after that well lets just say the candy coating was a little excessive. The saving grace was they were delicious. A little too rich for my blood (chocolate cake with chocolate frosting) but the girls loved them.

Yesterday’s attempt was much better! Jess, Jess & Lisa came over and everyone got involved and made great Easter pops.
Blue was definitely the hardest but the yellow and pink seemed to turn out really well. Poor Lisa thought it was her but I definitely think there was something up with the blue candy. We also made Easter eggs for all of the kids in my little section of the neighborhood. We wrote their names on the outside, filled them with candy, and went and hid them in their yards. Kevin and Dan ended up having the dogs go nuts at one house and Geo ended up with massive grass so who knows if you can see the eggs or not. Hopefully they find them and their parents don’t flip (cross your fingers).
It is tradition in my family that the Easter Bunny hides your Easter basket. Last year he hid (read:in plain view) David’s basket under the side table. This year he was a little sneakier and hid David’s basket in his favorite kitchen cabinet. We are waiting for Daddy to wake up so we can go on the hunt – hurry up Daddy! Mommy is getting impatient 🙂
Today we are headed to Calvert to see all of Dan’s family and then headed back to the Island to see my Mom and Sister’s family. I’m sure the girls will have tons to tell me about the Easter Bunny and everything they received.
Happy Easter Everyone!

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