The Verdict is In….

15 Jan

So this morning we had our level II ultrasound to see the anatomy of your little baby. I was so nervous last night that I couldn’t sleep at all, I kept waking up and waking Dan up. So as it always goes I finally fell asleep about 30 minutes before the alarm went off which really meant I hit the snooze for another 20 mintues and was late getting out of the house.

It was really awesome to watch since you could see everything! I mean we saw the 4 chambers of the heart, the bladder, the stomach, 2 kidneys, a liver, lobes of the brain, every bone in the spine, legs and arms. There are 2 of everything there is supposed to be so we are grateful for that. The baby is measuring right on target so the due date is still sitting at June 17th. The heartrate was 152 bpm and weighing in at a hefty 8 ounces! Unfortunately it took a little longer than it should have since the baby loves to lay on its back (wonder which parent that came from?? here’s a hint – I’m a side sleeper). Every time I turned the little bugger turned too so it was hard to get a good shot of the spine.

But, there was one thing that was very clear so if you don’t want to know what the baby is stop reading now.

The legs were wide open as the baby was sleeping and we saw the 2 legs and then we clearly saw something in between…it’s a boy! Dan is ecstatic and I’m sure I’ll never hear the end of it since he has insisted from the very beginning that it’s a little boy. He wouldn’t even discuss girl names no matter how much I tried. So we are excited and get to go shopping now!!!


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