Toy Drive & Christmas Party

14 Dec

So last night was the Cali Style Toy Drive and Dan’s mechanic Christmas Party at Dale’s house.

Dan has decided to go back with Abnormal Behavior Truck Club so we met up with them and all rode over together. They had filled the back of Trevor’s truck with toys since it was a benefit for Toys for Tots and it was amazing to see. I’ve never seen so many toys! Plus the boys couldn’t keep there hands off of everything so they all crowded around the truck playing with everything. We had a good crowd and Wyked Dimensions came and rode in with us so I’m guessing we had about 7-10 trucks. The party was good, they had an ice luge, beer pong and a mechanical bull. We didn’t get to stay too long since we had to head over to Dale’s house for the Mechanics Christmas Party.

Dale’s house was fun. The guys spent the majority of the time out in the garage playing beer pong and carrying on. They had the fire going inside where all the women congregated. There were 2 other pregnant women there so at least there were other people who were sober and I could talk to them without feeling completely out of place. Dale had his Harley in the living room with spotlights on it. Dan of course found that to be priceless and insisted on doing that at our house. Over my dead body! We weren’t out too late but had a great time and enjoyed spending the evening out.


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