I’m Pregnant

4 Nov

It’s official – I’m pregnant!

We had our first OB appointment today. The millions of questions, the viles of blood, the poking and the prodding, oh boy what did I get myself into! We did get an ultrasound to determine my due date since the stress of the past month threw everything off. According to how big the “blob” I mean baby is I am due June 23rd. Of course in true Wicker form I think the doctor is wrong, I think I’m due closer to the 15th but, whatever they can go by their date and I will go by mine 🙂 We got a picture from the ultrasound but honestly I can’t even tell what it is so I’m not going to scan it into the computer.

So while I can say that I’m pregnant I don’t really feel like I am. No morning sickness, no nothing, so I’ll just wait for reality to set in and enjoy this time while I can.

My next appointment is December 9th and I will be exactly 12 weeks!


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